Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Congress Asks Justice To Investigate Clemens

It's official: Congress has asked the Justice Dept. to investigate Clemens -- and only Clemens -- for perjuring himself. After the bizarre partisan divide that characterized the hearings (with Republicans mostly protecting Clemens and the Democrats condemning illegal drug use and finding the sad McNamee and saintly Pettitte and others believable), there was speculation the Republicans might insist without cause that they ask Justice to investigate both Clemens and McNamee for perjury despite complete lack of evidence that McNamee perjured himself and a ton of evidence that Clemens did. In the end, the Republicans went with common sense, using the cover of "new evidence" (that photo of Clemens at the party) to pretend they weren't actually obnoxiously partisan at the hearings but were just bowing to new information not previously available. Maybe now illegal drug use and cheating in baseaball can go back to being a non-partisan issue the way it always was in the past.

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