Friday, June 27, 2008

Can Joba Pitch In October?

Hey, we're all delighted that Joba has proven just as spectacular as a starting pitcher as he was in middle relief. Thank God their jerking him around and changing his role mid-stream has seemingly not affected him at all. Go Joba! Boy, Hank is smart!

Now here's my question. Is there any scenario under which Joba can pitch in the post-season? Won't he hit his inning limit for the year by early September? We're gonna miss him in October but of course we might not get there anyway without sterling pitchng like Joba has delivered.


priv8pete said...

When he blows his arm out in August, he'll get to rest during September and be strong in October.

joe said...

I just broke my desk while furiously attempting to knock on wood thanks to your blasphemous statement. Thanks a lot!

Michael in New York said...

Oops. Good point, though October s hardly a given in my mind so it didn't seem blasphemous. Substitute September since he won't be available then either and it won't taunt the baseball gods.