Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mussina Gets 20 Wins!

Let's pray he'll be back next season to get another 15+! Congrats, Mike.


priv8pete said...

Take that random Oriole fan!

Anonymous said...

Who would ever have thought that Mike Mussina would return in 2008 and post twenty wins. I know I wouldn't have. It makes me realize just how little a truly know about baseball and baseball players.And I've been paying close attention to the game for the last fifty years.

I watched the game last Sunday and it was great to see his gritty performance, especially in The Reptile House up in Boston.

I was also thrilled to see Pappelbon knocked out of the game so unceremoniously, replete with temper tantrum and all.


priv8pete said...

I think Roy is my new favorite poster to this blog!

Michael in New York said...

Hey Roy, Thanks for reading. I loved Papelbon's outburst too. Brought back fond memories of Paul O'Neil. I too thought Mussina was washed up. Seeing him get 20 wins was deeply satisfying and a nice end to an awful season.