Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I Defer To Johnny Damon

After yet ANOTHER game where Joba Chamberlain secured crucial outs late in the game (and the Chicago bullpen blew a one run lead), Johnny Damon said,
“Joba as a starter, he has a chance to help us out once every five days,” Damon said. “Him coming in and bridging the gap to Mariano, he's got a chance to do that three or four times during those five games.”

Damon added: “Our objective is to win games. Down the road, if we can find someone else like him to throw that eighth inning, then so be it, he'll be able to start. But he's helping us win too many games so far this year.”
Thank you, Mr.Damon.


joe said...

Fitting that he wrote a book called "Idiot."

Not that he's really backing you up anyway since (1) his assertion that Joba can pitch 3 or 4 out of every 5 games is ludicrous and (2) he says down the road if they find someone else to pitch the 8th then Joba can start -- which is exactly what we've been saying all along!

dasnootz said...

For at least this season... I've decided to cross over into the "Keep Joba in the Pen Camp."

When they showed the close up of his pulsating neck last nice it strengthened my belief that he wastes too much energy on the mound to be a great starter (right now). I think we'd see a dumbed down version of Joba as a starter, and I don't think he'd be the same without the fist pumping and high energy.

Now I'd like to begin second guessing Girardi. With Jeter on first and no outs in the 9th, why didn't we try to manufacture a run? Then with two on and one out, he pinch hit with Jorge.... Maybe I'm overly pesimistic, but we didn't need an extra base hit there for Jeter to score the go ahead run. However, we needed to avoid the double play... and putting the slowest member of the team at the plate doesn't help that.

If we come up with that run, Joba doesn't go back out in the 9th, and Mo shuts them down.

Marc said...

At least, he has the determination to win.