Thursday, April 10, 2008

Yankee Stadium Bucket List

With the close of the House that Ruth Built quickly approaching, I've been giving thought to all the memorable games I've seen at the Stadium. I've seen three decisive playoff games (ALDS Game 5 in 2001 and ALCS Game 7 in 2003 & 2004), a series-clinching, walk-off home run, the World Series clincher in 1999, Brosius' home run, the Subway Series of 2000 (as well as all the regular season iterations along the way), Clemens hitting Piazza in the head AND throwing a shattered bat at him, 10 Opening Days, numerous Old Timer's Days, a 3-team double header, Clemens' 300th win (and 4000th strikeout), Mike Stanton's first start (a record for most relief appearances before making a major league start), the Armando Benitez brawl (along with a few others) and a man falling out of the upper deck into the cargo netting behind home plate. When I attend the final regular season game at the Stadium in September that will add one more memory to the list, but there are still a few things I'd like to see in the old or new Yankee Stadium. So, here is my Yankee Stadium Bucket List:

1. World Series Game 7
2. Tie-breaker Game
3. No-hitter
4. 20 Inning (or more) Game
5. Divorce (or Move Out) message on the Fan Marquee


Michael in New York said...

Great list -- though really don't you think the Roger Clemens milestones should not make it? First, it wasn't that exciting at the time since he's always been a prick. And now that we know he's been a massive cheat as well, his records are a sham. It's like celebrating losers. I've never seen a game Seven and I've never even seen a Game Four or Five or Six at Home OR Away where the Yankees win it all. I really long to see the cycle -- seing A-Rod almost hit the Home Run cycle was crazy. Unfortunately, we'll never see a Divorce message on the board. But we have seen one woman ask another to marry her. I'm waiting for the gay marriage proposal. Soon, soon.

priv8pete said...

Not at all. I came to the Stadium twice when Clemens was at 299 in hopes of seeing him get 300 (the first was rained out). And the delay allowed me to see his 4000th strikeout at the same time.

As far as cheaters, they're all cheaters to some extent. Just look at how many players were taking greenies back in '69 when Bouton wrote Ball Four or how Whitey scuffed the ball with his wedding ring, Eston Howard's shin guard, etc. Is it right? No, but to try and unravel what was earned fairly and what had any possible taint of competitive advantage would be to throw out all records. So, I stand by remembering the day that The Rocket got #300 as a fond memory.

Michael in New York said...

Jeter ain't a cheat. And if you're happy to remember that Clemens event, (Hey, I was there too), fine. But don't equate vaseline on a ball or greenies in the locker room of every major league team with breaking federal law, risking your health and juicing up to out-perform other players. It's not equivalent. That's like comparing a kid stealing a candy bar to a bank robber.