Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Super Bowl Tix Are $1000? OUTRAGEOUS!!

Oh wait, Yankee tickets to a dull game in April are $2500. For a regular season game. That's two and a half times as much as the best seats in the house for the Super Bowl. Again, if I won the LOTTERY I couldn't afford to get two season tickets above the dugout (the only place I'd like to see a game other than section 203 (aka Section 30, baby).

So I'm getting ready to write another letter to the Yankees. What do we want to request?

1. End the no-bag policy for men. Every other baseball stadium in the country allows them. And women can bring whatever they want. And men with babies can come loaded down with stuff. So it's basically single males denied the right to bring in a small personal bag or backpack like the ones virtually everyone in NYC walks around with all the time. Doesn't make us even remotely safer and they have to search us anyway, so why do it?

2. End God Bless America -- it cheapens the song and slows the game to have it playing every single day. Enough already.

3. End the ban on video cameras in the stadium and on Yankee tours. (Not in the locker rooms; I understand that desire for privacy.) The Yankees ban video cameras as if someone shooting some footage from a million miles away in the stands might compete with TV coverage or a DVD they might want to put together of a Stadium Tour. But as we know, virtually every new decent camera contains video options, so it's completely unenforceable -- thousands of people bring them on the tour and in the Stadium every day. Keeping a rule in place that cant be enforced (and serves no purpose in the first place) encourages people to break other rules that do matter. Obviously, they can say no to a camera on a tripod, which eliminates any serious filmmaking so people don't try and shoot a scene for their indie movie with a Yankee game as the backdrop. They can always use their discretion But a tiny hand held FlipVideo or small HD video camera is no threat to any potential sales the Yankees might make and the thousands of digital cameras on hand are already shooting video anyway.

Anything else I should bring up?


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dasnootz said...

For $2,500 you should get a Yankees giveaway, regardless of age. I shouldn't have to mug a 12 year-old to get a 2009 Yankees lunchbox or CC Sebathia bobble head.

How about we petition for Red Sox logos on the urinal cakes too?