Friday, November 7, 2008

New Yankee Stadium Seat Assignments

Of course, the Yankees f*%#ed it up!

My new seat assignment is Section 203, Row 6, Seats 3-4.

You can go to this site and look at the view from every section of the Stadium.

How did the Yankees screw it up? By being complete morons. The front row of Section 39 was labeled CC. (There was no row AA or BB because those were just areas of the walkway set aside for people in wheelchairs.) The first seat in the first 15 or so rows were labeled seats 3 and 4 because the stairway/ramp from underground cut into the rows. Higher up, the first seats were the traditional 1 and 2. Now in the new Stadium, the rows are labeled 1, 2, 3 and so on. All the rows are the same length in the new design so the first seats in my row, which would be Row 4 under the new naming system are now 1 and 2. In other words, there are two "extra" rows and two "extra" seats. Now anyone with half a brain would know to put the first Row in Section 39 -- that is, Row CC -- into the first row of Section 203, which is now labeled Row 1. It doesn't matter whether the rows are called "shunnfdbhcv" and "ahcbjnjbj" anyone can tell what's what. Ditto for the seats that are on the aisle. Seats 3 and 4 are the first two seats in 39 and should be the first two seats -- 1 and 2 -- in the new 203. But that takes thinking. The extra rows should be placed in the very back and the extra two seats should be placed in the middle of the row, somewhere where it doesn't split up blocks of seats that asked to be linked together. Any fool could figure this out.

What did they do? They PUNISHED the season ticket holders. The people who have set in the front row for years are now in the third row. That's a huge difference since there are ten extra rows and a huge concrete barrier between us and the field. The people who sat on the aisle are now shoved three seats in. So new fairweather fans who show up at the box office today get better seats and better placement than the long-time fans who supported the team through thick and thin.

Way to go, jerks. The new Yankee Stadium sucks in every way and I hope Congress catches them and the city for the hundreds of millions of dollars they tried to scam out of the taxpayers and makes them pay through the nose.


priv8pete said...

But the good news is that Smith is having a monster season as our DH! He's batting .345 and has taken over the cleanup spot, knocking A-Rod down to sixth. We need to lock Smith up to a long term deal, pronto.

And it's nice to see the Red Sox struggling so much. Not a single player hitting better than .300 and only Crisp and Ortiz are hitting at .300 at this point in the season.

joe said...

While I agree that it sucks, I think you are going slightly overboard in your distate for all things new. Shit happens. Things change. Roll with the punches and make the best of it. Wishing ill upon the Yankees (and that's exactly what you're doing) doesn't do you or any other fans any good.

matt said...

It'll be a cold day in hell before I stop wishing ill upon the Yankees.