Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bob Shepherd Retires

God, the new stadium sucks more and more every day. His replacement will not be that sound-alike backup Jim Hall, though the NYTimes doesn't cite a source for this. Maybe I still have a shot at it.

UPDATE: Or not. Shepherd got very annoyed. He's not retiring, says the 98 year old. But he won't be doing Opening Day and he doesnt know when he'll be well enough to do a game again. If he's not well enough to do Opening Day, he's not well enough to do any days. There's no reason to expect he'll improve because he's not facing any particular illness but the ravages of age. So he's not retiring; he just isn't doing any games and can't say if or when he will do any ever again. By the way, the initial article said he drove his car to pick his son up at the train station. That is crazy. NO ONE who is 98 years old should be driving a car.

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