Monday, April 6, 2009

The View from Section 203

First off, the phrase "Section 203" has so little panache compared to "Section 39" that the new Stadium may as well be on the moon. But it's still the Yankees and when you're watching the game you forget you're in a new place. So after 2 exhibitions here are my thoughts (with help from Joe, Nanny and Pat) on the new Yankee Stadium.

What Michael will like:
Additional leg room in bleachers
Manual scoreboards
View into the bullpen
Derek Jeter

What Michael will hate:
The railing in front of seats 1 & 2
Location of our seats (height, setback, etc.)
Direction our seats face (3rd base instead of home plate)
Ring of video boards around the upper deck
Excessively loud speakers directly behind our seats

Still up for debate:
Plants between the bleachers and box seats
New Monument Park
A.J. Burnett

The physically impaired (LOTS of wheelchair seating and closed-captioning)
Standing room only patrons (great views from every concourse)
Yankee ownership balance sheet
Brett Gardner

Fans with banners in the first row of the upper deck (due to video boards)
Autograph seekers (due to fencing off of uber-luxury seats)
South Bronx children (due to reduced park space)
Shelley “Unknown” Duncan

Nice Additions:
The Great Hall
Yankee Museum
Pavilion above Bleacher Cafe
Wall of MVPs (which change from silhouette to b&w images)
Sabathia and Teixeira

Regretful Omissions:
Bat on top of flag pole
Flags of AL teams in division standings (hopefully added when season starts)
Bernie Williams

Poor Engineering Award (tie):
Massive pillars on either side of the bleachers (causing bottleneck in/out)
Fencing on the side of upper deck and mezzanine (where blowing trash gets stuck inside)


Michael in New York said...

Great info. Thanks for the update. They removed Joe Dimaggio's bronzed bat on top of the flagpole? Really? That's insane. And you forgot to mention a big plus: beer in the bleachers and you can bring in a bag. Now Jesse can get really drunk! And what about a big minus -- subway exits engineered so everyone has to go far away from the bleacher entrance to walk in?

bars on seating below -- does it block your view of the outfield? Ugh.

priv8pete said...

Having to cross the street after getting off the subway will be a hassle - I didn't think of that. Gate 8 was remarkably empty (and non-descript) which suits me perfectly.

Still not sure about bag-check. You'll have to be the guinea pig for that. And the bar in front of seats 1 & 2 of our row does not block any views, it's just there to eternally remind you that were we placed 1 row further down (or in the 4th row like we were in the old Stadium), your seats 3 & 4 would be on the end. A cruel trick devised by the Stadium engineers and the head of the Ticketing Department to forever torment one Michael Giltz. MUAH-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!!!