Saturday, March 15, 2008

Girardi, Pitchers, That Slide -- Where Do U Stand?

OK, let's catch up.

1. How is Girardi doing? (I think he's doing fine; but everybody's happy during spring training and everyone expects to win 20 games and bat .300.)
2. Was the run-in at home plate an ugly, uncalled for play? (No, not at all. A rookie aggressively blocking the plate and another rookie aggressively bowling him over. It's a darn shame our catcher got injured, but that can happen at any point in the season.)
3. Did Girardi stoke the flames? (Yes, he sure did. One simple response: all I know is my guy is going to the hospital tonight. That would make anyone feel sheepish. But Girardi did the typical Yankee astonishment that anyone would dare to play hard against a Yankee and made a bad situation much worse.)
4. Was Shelly Duncan wrong to make his pregame comments? (Heck, yes. His comments were idiotic -- he made it sound like he was entering the Thunderdome. I agree he should never have played that game after making them. Girardi probably loved it.)
5. Was Duncan's slide uncalled for? (Absolutely. It was bush league and pathetic and vindictive. he was waaaaay out and he was not going for the ball, he was going for the balls. (The baseball was nowhere near his foot which was aimed for the groin basically. If someone did that to us I would boo them for the rest of the season and be furious if they weren't suspended. Embarrassing. Does Duncan think he's Ty Cobb or something?)
6. Is Girardi a hypocrite? (Absolutely. If Duncan's play was clean then there's no way you can criticize the play at home. So what were they pissed about? If the play at home was dirty, then Duncan's pre-meditated play was TWICE as dirty. Either way, the Yankees look like punks.)
7. Are you excited by the pitchers? (Yep. They're up; they're down. They're young. Whadda ya expect?)

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