Thursday, March 20, 2008

Why Hasn't Anyone Signed Barry Bonds?

In the final sign that the Players Association (which is NOT a union, says my bro, but just a trade association or every fifth year second baseman would make the same salary) has lost all touch with reality, they are actually investigating why no baseball team is jumping to sign the aging, injury prone, scandal plagued Barry Bonds who probably won't go to jail during the current season simply because his trial will take a long time to get going. Gee, let me think. They should be ashamed Bonds and cheats like him and Clemens are associated with the game. Instead, they think there's something nefarious in people NOT signing him? If he didn't have so much baggage and promised to be such a distraction, believe me, people WOULD sign him anyway. I wish it were because he abused steroids and HGH illegally and made a mockery of his genuine talent and the game, but it's really just because he ain't worth the bother any more for a team making a real run at a pennant. The Players Association is officially nuts.

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