Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Oh, A-Rod

I really want to get behind A-Rod and accept the fact that he's a Yankee for the next decade. He's not making it easy. First he tells the NY Daily News that he made a mistake going for the money and rejecting the Mets. Absolutely. But then he says he didn't want to make the same mistake and leave the Yankees. Huh? First, it's ridiculous for him to suggest that AFTER constant statements from the Yankees that if A-Rod opted out they would walk away that he opted out and THEN decided the Yankees might just not make a deal after all. Plus, going for the money is exactly what he did. No one else made even a rumored offer anywhere near the Yankees dollar figure so A-Rod came back, squeezing even more out of them in the process, even though everyone believed he could be happier elsewhere making less money without the agita. Then Jose Canseco claims he introduced A-Rod to steroid dealers and that A-Rod tried to get busy with his wife. To the second charge, A-Rod said "I don't know how to answer that," which is hilarious if you think A-Rod is gay and all his woes stem from not dealing with that. Uh, you answer that by saying, "It's not true," A-Rod. That's how you answer it. He's mine and I love him. Please don't be a cheat, A-Rod. My heart can't take it.


priv8pete said...

"I really want to get behind A-Rod"

Michael, this is a family blog! Please try to keep the sordid details of your personal life out of your posts.

Michael in New York said...

In that case, I really want to get behind Ian Kennedy (since Andy Phillips is gone).