Thursday, August 28, 2008

Moral Dilemma #73

OK, the Yankees are basically out of it. But not mathematically out of it. And who wants to admit the season is over, even when the season is over? But what about the post-season package? The Yankees have never waited this late to send out the order form to season ticket holders. Any day now we'll receive in the mail an offer to buy the entire post-season package in advance. We'll have about three days to decide or our tickets for the post-season will be up for grabs. Of course, any money we spend on tickets that aren't used will automatically roll over and be used as credit towards the money we'll need to spend in December for NEXT season's package. And for the past 13 seasons, we've always gone to the post-season. But this year we won't. As Pete points out, beyond the cost of tickets is about $144 in ticket handling and shipping charges that will NOT be refunded. In other words, we'll be paying more than $100 for the privilege of paying early for next season's tickets. So what do we do? Refuse to fork over the $100 non-refundable charges and admit the season is over? Or pay up and laugh when the Yankees make the most improbable of comebacks, make it to the post-season and our friends find themselves watching the games on TV?

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dasnootz said...

It comes down to simple Vegas Odds.

What are the odds that they Yanks make the playoffs?..


What is the likely markup on resale value of the tickets if they make it?

Without doing the math, my gut says to hold onto your money.