Thursday, August 7, 2008

Will The Yankees Make The Post-Season?

Not only do I not think the Yankees will make the post-season (heck, we've only been tied for the wild card for about a day this entire season), more controversially I don't think it would be GOOD for the Yankees to stagger into the post-season and get kicked out of the first round again. Is there anything to be said for the wake-up call of ending the streak of post-season appearances so the Yanks can dump Abreu and Giambi and bring in lots of kids (like Texeria (sic) on first) and do a real re-building. Don't yell at me -- I'd love to be wrong and see the Yankees make the post-season. But I haven't believed they were going to win the World Series any season since 1999 (I know, I was happily wrong in 2000) and nothing has happened to change my mind this year. What say you?

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dasnootz said...

3: A home run, a single, a double, a triple, a walk, a hit by pitch, a stolen first, a reached on error... it doesn't matter.

With a 4 run lead the pitcher shouldn't/wouldn't worry about a lone base runner in the 9th inning.