Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What's Worse? The Loss Or Fans Booing A-Rod?

So, one season after A-Rod is MVP (and rightly so, stats wise), and during a year when everyone is struggling and Jeter is having one of the worst seasons of his career, who are the fans booing? A-Rod, of course. First and foremost, I don't understand fans who boo their own team. (Whenever a pitcher is pulled and fans boo, I think, 'Do you really want to harass your own team?") Second, I just feel sorry for the guy. I feel like he's made the wrong decision at almost every point in his career (going to Texas at a price so crippling the team could never compete instead of a big market team) and that when he finally made he the RIGHT decision for himself and his career -- going to Boston for a reduced price -- MLB wouldn't let him take a "loss" on his contract (surely a case of idiotic interference since the rules were not intended to keep a mega-millionaire from playing where he wants but to protect small players from being taken advantage of). Here's a brutal quote from the NYTimes: "This may be the closest the Yankees get to the postseason, and Alex Rodriguez is in October form." And here's an A-Rod quote where he STILL doesn't seem to have the attitude I'd prefer: “It’s terrible,” he said. “There’s absolutely no excuse. My team expects me to get big hits and make big plays, and tonight, I didn’t do it.” For the love of God, no. When the bases are loaded, a big play can be a walk. A single. A double. When you always feel like you're supposed to make BIG plays you don't make the little plays that keep rallies going. I guess Jeter is lucky he can't hit for power because he never seems to be trying for the 3 run home run. Just get on base, keep it going. I honestly don't think A-Rod is EVER going to be happy in New York and clearly the fans are never going to make it easy for him and I feel just as bad for him as I do for the team.

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