Thursday, August 14, 2008

Our Goal: Get Mussina 20 Wins

Hey if we want to salvage something from this season, how's this for a goal? Get Mussina his 20 wins. God knows he's pitching well enough.


Anonymous said...

an Oriole fan here and I promise that I am not being contrary here, just an old school O's fan.

God I hope that Mussina does not get 20 wins!!

But, if he does, it would be okay if it comes in a season where the Yanks don't even make the playoffs.

not that you care or even asked, but I ran across you blog and thought I give you the perspective of nearly ALL O's fans on this topic.

priv8pete said...

Mr. Almost will definitely win 19 games again.

And it's nice to get a comment from someone other than the 6 of us who read this.

Michael in New York said...

Thanks for the input O's fan. Don't worry -- whether or not Mussina gets 20 wins, the Yankees are almost certainly not going to get to the post-season. It's not mathematically impossible (yet), just wildly improbable.