Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Another AL hurler heads to the NL

After years of stockpiling talent and building solid all around teams, the AL has apparently decided to make interleague play more of a fair fight by exporting its top pitchers to the Senior Circuit. Just this year we've seen the following stars switch leagues in exchange for prospects:

Johan Santana
Dan Haren
C.C. Sabathia
Rich Harden

Now most of this is probably a result of teams not wanting to trade stars within their division, and increasingly, within their league. The short-term effect of this imbalance would seem to be a positive for teams like the Yankees, but unfortunately it is also a positive for the teams they are fighting in Boston, Tampa, Chicago, and Anaheim.

One could say the biggest effect on the AL's elite is that it could end their All-Star game dominance while giving up the all important home field advantage in the World Series.


priv8pete said...

That's CC Sabathia to you!

Michael in New York said...

YOu think this is a significant, long-term trend rather than a blip on the dial? And it's going to undermine the AL vs the NL? Unless they ditch the DH, that simply won't happen. An who cares about the All-Star Game? The NL can win it for the next 30 years as long as my yankees compete and win in a lot of world series.

priv8pete said...

I care. Number one on my Yankee Stadium Bucket List is to see a World Series Game 7 at Yankee Stadium and unless the AL wins the All-Star Game that won't be possible.

joe said...

1. I don't know if its the beginning of a trend; just asking the question and pontificating on the possible effects if indeed it is.

2. Yes I care because if the Yanks are in the World Series I want home field advantage. Every little bit helps.