Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Posada Gone For Season, Probably

Jorge Posada is going to need season-ending surgery that will involve six months of rehab. Somewhere, Jesse is laughing his ass off. The NY Daily News writes this:
Indeed, the Yankees look rather foolish right now for signing a 36-year-old catcher to a four-year, $52 million deal last winter, but it's hard to second-guess them considering the circumstances at the time.

Huh? That entire situation was the Yankees own fault so we certainly CAN second-guess them. Or more accurately, point to how we chastised them at the time for being so idiotic. OBVIOUSLY they were gonna re-sign Mo and Posada. They had no closer of the future ready the way Mo replaced Wetteland. And obviously they needed Posada, ideally to mentor the next catcher. BOTH should have been resigned before the beginning of last season. If they'd done that, Posada would be in the second year of a three year deal (at lower numbers) and next year he'd be platooning with a kid and the Yankees wouldn't look like morons. The Yankees traditionally wait until the last minute and pay through the nose, with Robinson Cano a rare exception.


priv8pete said...

Call up Jesus Montero!

Michael in New York said...

Or call up Jesus! He can presumably play ANY position.

DasNootz said...

Jesus would have a hard time fielding ground balls or blocking the sun with holes in hands..., and chasing down fly balls in sandals would never work. Plus George would make him shave, and Jesus just isn't Jesus with only a stache.

Michael in New York said...

You are so going to hell. (See you there!)