Saturday, July 26, 2008

Yankee Trade: Hello Nady and Marte; Goodbye Tabata

So the Yankees traded three pitchers (including Ohlendorf) and outfielder Jose Tabata for Nady and Marte. Everyone spoke about Nady's bat but not a word about his glove. I gleaned what I could from his stats, but numbers lie. Anyone got a bead on this guy as a fielder? By all accounts, this looks like an excellent trade. What say you? My only concern is that we were told Tabata was the cat's meow until another guy started flourishing and now Tabata is expendable. Just like with Hughes and Kennedy, I always prefer to keep both prospects. You never know which one will flourish; besides, we need TWO outfielders. Obviously, I'm a very conservative owner. But still this looks at first blush like a deal I would have signed off on. Talk to me.


joe said...

Disappointed to see Tabata and Ohlendorf go but in Nady they have a guy that can play LF, RF, and 1B and helps balance out their lineup plus give them protection assuming that Matsui and Posada are done for the year. And he's cheap to boot. I also like Marte...I think its important to have a guy like that in the pen even if its just for one or two outs. With Mo, Farnsworth, Veras, Ramirez, Marte, and Robertson this should be a huge advantage down the stretch.

Michael in New York said...

I liked Nady at the plate today, despite going 0-3 with a walk. He seemed to have a good approach. And Marte was great. However, I hate over-specialization and hope they don't just bring him in to face a leftie. One of the best parts of the great bullpen has been that since they didn't have a leftie specialist the Yankees HAD to bring in guys and let them pitch an innning, instead of the cluster of pitchers we brought in tonight to end the 8th. I think it's really hard for pitchers to get in any rhythm on the season when only facing one batter and I'll bet that's a big reason our bullpen has done well. They've been allowed to pitch AND allowed to fail (give up a hit) and stay in the game.