Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Girardi BLASTS Joba

Joe Girardi said this about Joba Chamberlain's near-decapitation of Youkilis: "He's done this before," Girardi said. "I don't like it. He was down in the zone all night and you just don't like it. It's happened a few times with this guy, JOBA CHAMBERLAIN. At times, we know he has some control issues, but it's awful dangerous when you're up there."

Okay, Girardi actually said this about Daniel Cabrera of the Orioles beaning A-Rod, not Joba beaning Youkilis. I substitued Joba's name for Daniel's name in that quote. And yes, there's a difference: when Girardi said "he's done this before" he was not referring to Cabrera repeatedly drilling A-Rod because the previous incident involved Derek Jeter. In Joba's case, it was Youkilis again and again and again. Now explain to me the difference -- why is Cabrera crazily out of order but Joba blameless?


Michael in New York said...

From Brit Abbey: Money aside... because I don't know the terms of the contracts....

Trading Farnsworth on a high is great. I don't think anything has really changed with him, and I completely don't trust him everytime he gets the ball. Plus I don't have to watch him grab his crotch after every throw.

Picking up Pudge allows us to make Molina a backup, and gives him the rest he needs. Pudge is a huge upgrade offensively.

I'm guessing Bruney and Marte will now become the bridges to Mo.

All in all, it's a grade playstation trade.

Michael in New York said...

From Joe Verillo via email: Agreed on all counts (w Britt). I would expect the 8th inning to belong to Veras and Ramirez, the 7th to Robertson and Bruney, and Marte to come in as needed. Wouldn't be surprised if they called up Melancon or Sanchez in a month as well.

I believe both players are in the last year of their contract, though obviously Pudge makes more.

priv8pete said...

A+ for Cashman at the deadline. Not only did we shed 2 of the relievers that I trusted the least, but we added to everywhere that we need help outside of the starting rotation (and hopefully Wang, Hughes, Kennedy, Milton, etc. can push us over the top in September).

The only real loss in my mind were Tabata and the other prospects, but for them we got Sexson, Nady, Marte, Pudge and a prospect.

I really hope the Yanks make the playoffs, not so that Yankee Stadium gets an encore, but so that Cashman keeps his job.

joe said...

So basically the Yanks have a major league rotation and a minor league/rehab roation:

1. Moose, Andy, Joba, Rasner, Ponson
2. Wang, Hughes, Kennedy, Milton, Pavano

Lets hope between the two of those we have five good starters in September.

priv8pete said...

And don't forget that Victor Zambrano is somewhere down in the organization (not that he's any better than Ponson or Rasner).