Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Girardi BLASTS Joba

Joe Girardi said this about Joba Chamberlain's near-decapitation of Youkilis: "He's done this before," Girardi said. "I don't like it. He was down in the zone all night and you just don't like it. It's happened a few times with this guy, JOBA CHAMBERLAIN. At times, we know he has some control issues, but it's awful dangerous when you're up there."

Okay, Girardi actually said this about Daniel Cabrera of the Orioles beaning A-Rod, not Joba beaning Youkilis. I substitued Joba's name for Daniel's name in that quote. And yes, there's a difference: when Girardi said "he's done this before" he was not referring to Cabrera repeatedly drilling A-Rod because the previous incident involved Derek Jeter. In Joba's case, it was Youkilis again and again and again. Now explain to me the difference -- why is Cabrera crazily out of order but Joba blameless?

Pitchers Praise Molina, Yanks Bench Him

I was actually feeling sorry for Jorge Posada lately. First Andy Pettitte praised Jose Molina to the high heavens. Then Mike Mussina actually said Jose was the best catcher HE HAD EVER WORKED WITH. EVER. I don't need to point out that those are the two winningest Yankee pitchers this season. I also don't need to point out that our pitching has been a strong suit, despite the fact that three of our starters on opening day are injured. And who has been the primary catcher guiding all those pitchers this season? Jose Molina. Who have our two top pitchers given their stamp of approval to? Jose Molina. Who has worked with the bullpen that has been far better than expected? Jose Molina. But he doesn't bat .325 and he'll never be an All Star so in the moronic minds of the Yankees front office, that means we have a WEAKNESS at our catching position.

Yep, the catcher our pitchers LOVE is a weakenss and we better bench him and bring in someone new, namely Ivan Rodriguez because it's always a good idea to switch things up when things are running smoothly. Besides, am I the only who looks at Pudge and sees yet another steroid abuser? He has the classic late 90s bulge in his stats and Jose Canseco (who has been accurate on most every charge he made in his first book) fingered Pudge by name. Of course, the Yankees have a history of actively recruiting players they know are cheating like Jason Giambi and just don't give a damn if their World Series rings are juiced or not as long as the cash flows.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bunting In The 4th?

What was Melky thinking? Except that he hasn't been batting well, they weren't looking for a bunt when no one was on base and he got a hit out of it, stole second and then scored. Well done!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Yankee Trade: Hello Nady and Marte; Goodbye Tabata

So the Yankees traded three pitchers (including Ohlendorf) and outfielder Jose Tabata for Nady and Marte. Everyone spoke about Nady's bat but not a word about his glove. I gleaned what I could from his stats, but numbers lie. Anyone got a bead on this guy as a fielder? By all accounts, this looks like an excellent trade. What say you? My only concern is that we were told Tabata was the cat's meow until another guy started flourishing and now Tabata is expendable. Just like with Hughes and Kennedy, I always prefer to keep both prospects. You never know which one will flourish; besides, we need TWO outfielders. Obviously, I'm a very conservative owner. But still this looks at first blush like a deal I would have signed off on. Talk to me.

Friday, July 25, 2008

What Joba Should Say

Joba should have said, "Kevin Youkilis has every right to be angry. No one playing this game should ever feel like they're risking their life. There is no excuse for throwing a ball at a player's head and obviously I would never do it on purpose. But it's my responsibility to see that it doesn't happen even on accident and I apologize to him and the Red Sox. I know it's happened several times in the past but I'll do everything I can to avoid it in the future short of forfeiting my ability to pitch effectively for my team. And I want to emphasize again how sorry I am -- we want to win games by playing better and pitching better and batting better, not by shaving corners or putting someone's safety, season and even their life at risk."

Of course, he can't say it...BECAUSE IT'S NOT TRUE. Even the Yankees announcers on the post-game YES show all finally admitted it was pretty damn suspicious given their past history, Joba's excellent control the rest of the game, etc. There's simply no excuse for headhunting. Roger Clemens was a poisonous influence and hopefully Andy Pettitte (who has hit all of one player on purpose in his career and still regrets it) will give Joba a talking to. This doesn't help win games. It helps inflame the opposition, get them pumped up and put your players at risk of serious injury. Wanna protect your players? Then NEVER intentionally hit an opponent. And if you do unintentionally hit them, walk over a few feet and apologize and say it was an accident. I know this isn't considered manly and that pitchers are supposed to terrorize their opponents and any sign of weakness is for wimps. Bullshit. There is no more cowardly act in all of sports than an American League pitcher intentionally beaning someone, especially near the head. The sooner people realize it's cowardly, the better we'll be. Joba should be ashamed of himself. And before you say I'm wrong and no one in that situation would ever intentionally blah blah blah, imagine for a second that a Boston pitcher had thrown over the head of your favorite Yankee TWICE, then beaned them, then threw that pitch Joba pitched last night -- all from a pitcher who has shown EXCELLENT command and has no issues with any other player. You'd be screaming for his head and rightly so and it's only fair to hold our own players to the same standard. If you want fights, switch on ECW. I do.

P.S. I am SO glad I was pushing for Joba to become a starter, because damn, he is the real thing. Seriously, we all thought Joba had huge potential and I am so glad I was wrong and that the Yankees jerking Joba around and changing his role mid-season like this has not only not messed with his mind but that we've seen him flourish. Plus, he's been so effective -- 7 innings with just over 100 pitches? -- that we might even have him for the post-season.

Barry Bonds In Pinstripes?

They're not really considering Barry Bonds. As far as I can tell, Hank Steinbrenner was asked if they would discuss Bonds and he said the name would come up and that they'd discuss everything -- not the same as saying they were thinking about signing Bonds. Anyway, I ASSUMED none of us would want Bonds but then again, assumed we were all small ball people wo enjoyed a good bunt in the fourth to move the guy from second to third when there were no outs. So what say you: yea or nay to Bonds?

The Neighborhood

Here is the latest information on our relocation to the new Yankee Stadium. Let's hope they keep the "neighborhood" together.

"We have reached another important milestone in our move from Yankee Stadium to the new Yankee Stadium across the street. Your Relocation Program Guide for the New Yankee Stadium (the "Guide") is in the process of being printed and you can expect to receive your Guide in the near future. The Guide will outline the seat relocation program, explain the criteria to be used to assign seat locations, detail ticket prices and ticket license options, and serve as your introduction to the new Yankee Stadium."

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Another Strong Win

Mike Mussina wins 13 games at the fastest pace for him since...1991!

The Yankees win six in a row and go 11 over .500 for the first time this season.

The Yankees win 10 in a row at the stadium, the longest winning streak since...1998. (That was a pretty good year for them too, as I recall.)

The bullpen is remarkably strong. The starting pitching is good too, despite losing three of our five starting rotation, including our ace.

Damon is swinging the bat. Posada has stopped griping and looks set to try and get in shape for NEXT season so that four year deal won't look quite as stupid as it did the day it was signed.

A-Rod had another good game and to his credit FINALY 'fessed up to posing too much at home plate. (It's the little things that really annoy me and spotlight people's character.) A-Rod has on a NUMBER of occasions posed at home plate because he thought it was a home run and instead suddenly had to scramble because it wasn't. He got a key hit today but instead of gettng to call him clutch I had to grimace as he posed and then scrambled instead of running hard out of the box every time like EVERY player should always do. On the post-game, A-Rod said without being asked that he was wrong about a hit being a home run for the 8th time this season and that it was "embarrassing" and he needed to start running. Good for him to call himself on it. And it's not embarrassing that he thought it was a home run and it wasn't; it's embarrassing when ANY player doesn't run hard out of the box. That's fundamental. (And this is not just A-Rod. Abreu poses too, as does Giambi, but he can't run anyway. I HATE it when guys don't run out of the box. One more reason to miss Matsui.)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

How Can You Not Like Damon?

Damon updates the Daily News on his rehab: "I haven't tried throwing the ball hard - I probably haven't thrown the ball hard in my career - but it was definitely better today," he said. Hilarious.

Posada Gone For Season, Probably

Jorge Posada is going to need season-ending surgery that will involve six months of rehab. Somewhere, Jesse is laughing his ass off. The NY Daily News writes this:
Indeed, the Yankees look rather foolish right now for signing a 36-year-old catcher to a four-year, $52 million deal last winter, but it's hard to second-guess them considering the circumstances at the time.

Huh? That entire situation was the Yankees own fault so we certainly CAN second-guess them. Or more accurately, point to how we chastised them at the time for being so idiotic. OBVIOUSLY they were gonna re-sign Mo and Posada. They had no closer of the future ready the way Mo replaced Wetteland. And obviously they needed Posada, ideally to mentor the next catcher. BOTH should have been resigned before the beginning of last season. If they'd done that, Posada would be in the second year of a three year deal (at lower numbers) and next year he'd be platooning with a kid and the Yankees wouldn't look like morons. The Yankees traditionally wait until the last minute and pay through the nose, with Robinson Cano a rare exception.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Good Game, A-Rod!

Sacrifice fly scores a run (Jeter, natch); fun, smart base-running in the late innings and a very heads-up play in the ninth to rescue Bobby Abreu's flustered throw way over the head of Jeter -- A-Rod backed it up and got the runner out at second. (By the way, on the last out of the game, that base-runner was safe. Oakland got a bad call.)

Friday, July 18, 2008

In response to Michael's All-Star Break recap...

Decided to make a new post so as not to lose the discussion in the comments section. Here's my review of the season to this point:

Obviously its been a disappointing year but coming into it I don't think anyone thought this team was going to run away with the division. The fact that the pitching staff, minus Wang, Hughes, Kennedy, Bruney, etc. has carried the team while the hitting has been lackluster is a major surprise.

If they have any chance to make the playoffs they need to get on a roll where the entire lineup clicks, which means (1) they need to get healthy and (2) guys like Jeter, Melky, Abreu, etc. need to pick it up.

MVP: Mussina/Joba/ARod/Mo
LVP: Kennedy/Hughes
Biggest Surprise: Mussina/Ponson/Veras
Best Newcomer: Gardner

Individuals: Working on the assumption that a very good season for most players is .300 BA, .400 OBP, .500 Slugging %, subject to position.

Damon: .319/.387/.470: Solid numbers and has played a decent left field despite his noodle arm. The team plays so much better when he's leading off and hitting well. Need him to get healthy in a hurry.

Jeter: .284/.345/.395: Not hitting for average, not getting on base, not hitting for power. Down year for The Captain but hopefully the All Star break allowed him to rest that ailing wrist so he can return to form the rest of the way. Goes without saying that he needs to be on top of his game for the team to make any kind of run. And I still maintain that he's a defensive liability at SS.

Abreu: .274/.345/.436: Down year for Abreu at the plate. He's still an asset to the team but in a contract year he'll need to do better. He can get hot and carry the lineup for a week or two at a time, but he needs to avoid these 0-22 slumps that he seems to fall into. A guy with his eye at the plate should be immune to those.

A-Rod: .312/.392/.581: Missed a lot of time (20 games) with the hamstring but has still been the team's most productive hitter and has played a very solid third base. The least of our problems.

Giambi: .253/.386/.529: Enjoyed a nice resurgence with the mustache after a dreadful start of the season. Can't throw to save his life but has an adequate glove in the field which has allowed other players like Jorge and Damon to DH when needed. His production is doubly important since when he's on it force pitchers to go at A-Rod.

Posada: .272/.360/.420: His hitting, while not on par with his career year of last season (which was an aberration the size of the Grand Canyon given his age and position) has been ok but since he couldn't throw out my grandmother trying to steal second has made life difficult for Girardi. That contract is looking like a potential albatross right now (as we suspected, but not quite so soon).

Cano: .246/.285/.358: Like Giambi got off to a terrible start but has picked it up of late. Needs to keep that momentum going to have any shot of producing decent numbers at year end. Adequate in the field.

Melky: .241/.301/.347: Still playing a good center field but has regressed at the plate (though his power numbers are better than last year). Hopefully the presence of Gardner fires him up; if not it might be time for Girardi to give someone else a chance. Melky's bat has been a big detriment to the lineup.

Matsui: .323/.404/.458: Not getting a lot of press but his loss has been huge. Just a very consistent, professional hitter that gave Girardi a very deep lineup. If he is indeed out for the season I don't think they can replace his production with anyone not named Barry Bonds (not that I'm advocating such a move).

Others: Betemit (ok for a fill-in thanks to his versatility), Molina (GREAT defense; can't hit a lick), Moeller (filled in admirably), Duncan (lost season -- will we ever see him in pinstripes again? I doubt it.), Gonzalez (showed nice potential as a utility player off the bench with his stellar defense, ability to bunt, and decent speed on the basepaths), Gardner (fastest player I've seen on the Yankees...but it doesn't do anyone any good if he can't get on base. If they were to make the playoffs he'd be a great weapon off the bench since he could make the difference in a close game with his speed.)

Starting Pitchers (ERA under 4, WHIP under 1.30 is what makes a good starter in my book):

Wang: 8-2, 4.07/1.32: Was on a good run until the unfortunate injury. If he can come back and pitch well down the stretch that would be a huge boost to the team. But I wonder if that will be too many teams are still in contention after losing their ace for such an extended period of time?

Pettitte: 10-7, 4.03/1.34: Has been great at times and horrible at times. Still lights out when his cutter is working. Still has plenty left in the tank, and I feel most at ease when he is on the mound than with any other Yankee starter.

Moose: 11-6, 3.61/1.23: What a comeback! I thought for sure he'd be done after this season, and earlier this year when he was giving up one HR after another to Manny I was ready to give up on him. But to his credit he's finally changed his style and the results have been great. Just hoping he can keep it up. Should have been on the All-Star team in my opinion.

Hughes: 0-4, 9.00/2.14
Kennedy: 0-3, 7.41/1.75

Those atrocious numbers, combined with those of Melky, are going to be what costs Cashman his job after the Yanks miss out on the playoffs this year and Santana leads the Mets to a division title. Not saying the decision was right or wrong, but what a terrible disappointment. Still hopeful that down the road all three become stalwarts of a championship team.

Joba: 2-3, 2.62/1.32: Best stuff on the team. Has handled the switch to the rotation very well. Just needs to try to keep his pitch count down so he can go deeper into ballgames. IP stands at 65, and with just 67 games remaining that means something like 13 starts. At an average of 6 IP per start, that would put him at 143 innings for the season. Long story short -- they ain't shutting him down until the season is over.

Ponson: Not crazy about the guy but he's put the team in a position to win games and that's more than you can ask for a mid-season acquisition like that.

Rasner: Started off hot but has since been exposed as the prototypical AAAA pitcher...too good for AAA, not good enough for the majors.

Rivera: 4-3, 1.06/0.64: Beyond words at this point, he is further adding to his legacy as the greatest closer of all time. 23 for 23 in save opportunities. A picture of excellence, and we should all be grateful for being able to watch one of the game's true legends.

Farnsworth: 1-2, 3.51/1.34: Has been OK, which is better than most expected. Can't complain about him when you look at the next guy...

Hawkins: 1-1, 5.79/1.47: An absolute disaster. Get rid of him...

Veras: 2-1, 2.87/1.12: The breakout star of the bullpen since Joba went to the rotation. Has solidified the back-end options for Girardi.

Other relievers:
Britton (good stuff; needs experience), Bruney (could be back soon which would be a nice addition to a solid 'pen), Robertson (fantastic in short time up...could be a fixture in the 7th/8th inning for years to come), Giese (nice fill-in but not sure he has the ability to be a long term contributor), Ramirez (great at times and equally awful when he can't get his changeup over the plate for strikes. Scares me a little in close games because of that.), Albaladejo (good stuff, unfortunate injury), Traber (Really? That's the best lefty they could find?), Ohlendorf (Huge disappointment; hopefully he can get back on track in the minors), Igawa (An absolute train wreck. Worst signing ever.)

All in all its been a mixed season. I'd give Girardi mostly positive marks, but I can't say he's exceeded all expectations by any means. The bottom line is this team was built to win now and I don't think anyone wants Yankee Stadium to end with a regular season game. Let's hope the team can rattle off a Mets-like double digit winning streak to get back into the thick of things before going on their typical September surge. Will it be too little, too late? I fear that may be the case...they can certainly catch the D-Rays but the Red Sox are a better team at the moment. The wild card is the best option but there is a lot of competition from the Rays, Twins, A's, etc. Don't forget the Tigers either...they are just as capable of going on a long winning streak despite their rotation being decimated by injuries.

In summation -- I think they need to win somewhere around 92 games to make the playoffs, which would mean going 42-25 the rest of the way...certainly a reasonable expectation if they can get/stay healthy and if a few breaks go their way...but a far cry from their performance to this point.

NY Daily News Shout Out To Our Blog

Sort of.

This is the franchise that used to terrify the rest of baseball with its various Murderers' Rows. And when the game was played in the best light, daylight, the Yankees' lineup was famously known as Five O' Clock Lightning.

Let's Buy The Cubs!

We need to submit a bid by the end of the day. Looks like $1 billion is the floor for the team, the stadium and a piece of their sports network. I can pitch in about...oh...$100. And what would your first move be if you did buy 'em?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Steinbrenner In The Hall Of Fame?

Please. What an idiotic, short-sighted suggestion from Joe Buck. Yes, Steinbrenner (along with other owners) should definitely be featured and mentioned in the Cooperstown history of baseball -- he's a signal figure. But someone who brought disgrace to the game and was banned from the sport for years and whose major claim to fame (other than making tons of money) was having a dynasty built by other people when he was barred from walking in the door of Yankee Stadium by law does NOT deserve to be officially selected for the Hall Of Fame. He's a loud, blustery, unforgettable figure in the sport. But a Hall of Famer? Only if you think Barry Bonds should be in there too. NOTE: THIS POST IS MICHAEL'S NOT PETE'S.

Yankees Sign First Baseman Richie Sexson

Good or bad decision? Just for te end of the season, just to start against lefties and just for $100,000. Like any player who is not a Yankee, I don't know a thing about him. NOTE: THIS IS MICHAEL'S POST, NOT PETE'S.

My Brother-In-Law A-Rod

OK, I've now decided that A-Rod is like a brother-in-law. He's married into my family and I have to deal with him (unless there's a divorce, which ain't gonna happen). But that doesn't mean I can't gripe just a little every once in a while. (I'll still applaud him on the field, where it matters, despite that awful batting average with runners in scoring position this season.) But anyway, a few groaners from A-Rod this Al Star break.

In the NY Post on July 14, 2008:

Question: Why is being a New York Yankee so addicting?

A-Rod: You get to do neat things with an ill kid who's so courageous and brave, and you think about Virginia Tech and what we were able to do this year and how you influence people, and how really it transcends sports.

"Neat things with an ill kid?" Ugh.

Then in the NY Daily News on Wednesday July 16, he said this to reporters after the All-Star ceremony where people spotted the ailing George Steinbrenner (unable to even get out of the golf cart) crying.

Rodriguez said he gave Whitey Ford a big hug and Ford might have been crying more than George Steinbrenner, who was blubbering as he was squired around the warning track before the game to deliver the first-pitch balls.

"Whitey was bawling," Rodriguez said. "Did you see that? When I gave him a hug, he was bawling."

First, I have no love for Steinbrenner, but to refer to such a sick, elderly man as "blubbering" is tactless and cruel. Then A-Rod one-ups them by referring to Ford as "bawling," which makes him sound like a baby. Again, tone-deaf and petty. I'm sure he meant it nicely (I have to assume this), but it's just petty. He couldn't say, Ford was very moved by the event as well?

Finally, A-Rod gave that comment during the game. How? As soon as he was pulled, A-Rod showered and dressed and headed out for a party he had planned in the city -- a party he knew would be in full swing DURING the All Star Game. Did he hang out and soak up the atmosphere and chat with the legends who were there? I can maybe forgive players who left come midnight or something, just like I can sort of forgive Jesse for leaving in the 12th or whenever he did. But to PLAN to take off and party during the All-Star Game just illustrates his paper-thin love of the game and an event like this.

Derek Jeter, needless to say, stayed till the very end and was there to congratulate the shortstop playing his position in his park who made the winning hit at 1:30 in the morning. A-Rod = corporate bigwigs who left when it got "boring." Jeer = bleacher creatures who NEVER leave a game before it's over.


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Analyze This: Yankees At The Break

How are we doing? What are our chances? Who do we need to trade for? Who's having a good year/bad year? How's Girardi as manager? WHat say you?


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Home Run Derby

Do the rules need to change? Is it boring to watch one guy pull ahead so early on? Or is it more boring/embarrassing to watch someone win the home run derby who no one thinks of as the winner? (Really, if I were Justin Morneau, I'd put that trophy in a closet and never mention it again. If he had it on a shelf, all anyone would do is talk about Josh Hamilton.) Mind you there's nothing inherently wrong with wiping the slate clean on the final round (the way everyone starts at zero for the world series). But since the whole point of the Home Run Derby is to hit lots of home runs, why penalize someone for doing it? (If he'd lined out a few times after hitting, oh, 18, he would have probably won.)

Even stupider than the results? The ESPN announcers who annointed Hamilton as a saint and told his story over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over (and over) again. Drugs, three years off, dreamt of Home Run Derby and now in it. We get it. Old guy pitching is 71. Check.

Even stupider than the results? The ESPN team guy announcing that Josh Hamilton hitting some home runs has us all literally turning the page and putting the Mitchel Report behind us? Huh? Sports media people are wimps. Real reporters should go after the rampant cheating in baseball that has distorted the records and made the last 15 years a sham. Instead, because they practically sleep with the athletes and are too timid to ask a question that might annoy them (like, why all the cheating?), all they want to do is pretend that releasing a report and having virtually no one get punished means the scandal is behind us.

*This was posted by Michael. I think I was still logged in on his computer.*

Thursday, July 10, 2008

I'm a slob, AAAAAAAAAAAAAh'm a slob!

Is it really so hard to believe that John Sterling would act like Costanza?

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Good website

Lists the Yankees top prospects at each position by their current level of play:

Of particular note, remember these names:

Jesus Montero, C
Austin Jackson, OF
Jose Tabata, OF
Delin Betancis, P
Mark Melancon, P
Alan Horne, P
Jeffrey Marquez, P

And in particular lets hope that Humberto Sanchez (obtained for Sheffield then underwent Tommy John surgery), who has finally started pitching in the last few weeks, passes all of the physical tests and makes the bullpen transition smoothly so he can help out down the stretch (along with Robertson). I think he's the closer of the future and another reason why Joba belongs in the rotation.

Another AL hurler heads to the NL

After years of stockpiling talent and building solid all around teams, the AL has apparently decided to make interleague play more of a fair fight by exporting its top pitchers to the Senior Circuit. Just this year we've seen the following stars switch leagues in exchange for prospects:

Johan Santana
Dan Haren
C.C. Sabathia
Rich Harden

Now most of this is probably a result of teams not wanting to trade stars within their division, and increasingly, within their league. The short-term effect of this imbalance would seem to be a positive for teams like the Yankees, but unfortunately it is also a positive for the teams they are fighting in Boston, Tampa, Chicago, and Anaheim.

One could say the biggest effect on the AL's elite is that it could end their All-Star game dominance while giving up the all important home field advantage in the World Series.

Yankee Pride

Was talking to Britt the last few days about our "Dream Team" of MLB Players over the course of our baseball-watching lives (a bit over two decades). Thought it might be a fun exercise as far as the Bombers go, so I'll go ahead and throw out my team (listed by how I would make out the lineup):

LF Rickey Henderson
SS Derek Jeter
1B Don Mattingly
3B Alex Rodriguez
RF Dave Winfield
CF Bernie Williams
DH Paul O'Neill
C Jorge Posada
2B Robinson Cano
Bench: Steve Sax, Roberto Kelly, Tino Martinez, Jason Giambi, Scott Brosius

SP David Cone
SP Andy Pettitte
SP Jimmy Key
SP Chien-Ming Wang
SP Mike Mussina
RP Mariano Rivera
RP Joba Chamberlain
RP Mike Stanton
RP John Wetteland
RP Dave Righetti
RP Ramiro Mendoza

I'm sure I'm forgetting some but I'll leave it to others to fill in the blanks.

Two more games for a rainy day: (1) The best team we can assemble made up only of players to never have made an All-Star team and (2) The best team we can assemble of former Yankees (minor or major leagues).

Monday, July 7, 2008

The Curse Of The "B's"

Eventful game at the Stadium last night. Jesse (who came drunk, surprisingly enough), had the rare experience of being in the men's restroom...completely alone! It's apparently never happened to him before and he danced around and peed pretty much anywhere. Then he was tossed out (by a female cop Nanette saw saying to another cop "I want to throw him out" earlier). Why? Because he yelled "Axl! Axl!" at a Boston fan who looked like Axl Rose (and laughed about it). Everyone picked up the chant but the cop thought Jesse was chanting "Asshole." Even though ten people immediately spoke up and insisted he was saying "Axl" and she clearly realized she was wrong, she threw him out anyway. Then Girardi was tossed out. Then the cops continued to harass the fans, telling people to sit down seconds after they jumped up cheering for a play (seriously), throwing people out who looked genuinely bewildered over being tossed out. The woman sitting one row behind us could NEVER find her seat after going downstairs, which became a running joke. And the curse of the B's reared its head again for Boston, with Brett Gardner joining Babe Ruth, Bucky Dent and Aaron Boone as Yankees w "b's" in their names who get key hits off Boston, in this case a dribble up the middle that scored A-Rod. (Oh, and A-Rod tied Mickey Mantle with HR # 536.)

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Does anyone like Joe Buck?

Or Tim McCarver for that matter?

Isn't it bad enough that I have to listen to Buck spew his hatred of the Giants all football season, but I have to listen to him spew the same NY-hating BS about the Yankees too? What the hell is Fox thinking making these two hacks their #1 play by play team?

Worst broadcasters ever.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Dumb Ass Interview With Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter's new deal with Gillette has apparently forced him to give a few interviews, which is fun for us fans who rarely get to hear anything but his low-key post-game comments. I also love seeing him placed on a par with Tiger Woods and Roger Federer. ("That should be A-Rod, damnit!") But how annoying that I will probably never get to interview him and this guy asks Jeter about his "prowess" with the ladies and what slamming NYC nightclubs he frequents these days. (I have to admit, I would have asked what movies he'd seen lately.) But what really bummed me was that this was in SPORTS ILLUSTRATED. For God's sake, I know it ws supposed to be light, but did we really have to ask him the last time he's worn a thong? It'll probably be 2020 before he gives another interview.

Madonna is NOT dating A-Rod

Just so you know. P.S. By the way, her publicist's statement that, "There are no plans for Madonna and Guy to divorce," means they are in fact divorcing. If they were not divorcing, it would say something like "They're very happily married and these rumours are hogwash."

To Bunt Or Not To Bunt?

And the Five O'Clock Lightning blog comes to life (kickstarted perhaps by Joe's questioning of my patriotism/Yankee-ness)! Thanks Joe. Now how about pulling the knife out of my back? :)

Meanwhile, here's a fun chat with Jeter in which he talks about his slump and says he has every intention of stealing stuff from Yankee Stadium before the season is over. And here's a moronic post at the NYTimes in which practically everyone scoffs at even the idea of bunting in almost any situation and insists bunting has been asinine for about 80 years now. They mock Jeter for bunting, act as if Girardi must have been crestfallen and fail to even mention his being hit on the wrist and going into an immediate slump and whether or not being weak at the plate might be a teensy factor when deciding whether to bunt. What say you? Is bunting statistically absurd or is manufacturing a run still the smart, small ball way to play?