Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Gagne to Red Sox

Paps and Gagne finishing out games...that's almost as good as Wetteland and Mo back in the glory days. Anyone else scared?

Damn I hope Joba Chamberlain is ready for the big time.

Scott Proctor should sue Joe Torre for lost earnings after the way he abused him the last couple of years. I'm surprised he can even throw a baseball at this point.


Michael in New York said...

I'm very bummed we didn't snag him. That's the second time we've been outfoxed this year -- including D-Mat going to the Sox. I hope we don't pull some stupid Igawa move to compensate. At least we can thank Cashman for so far avoiding another move like that.

priv8pete said...

Not only does he go to the Red Sox, but he further screws my fantasy team...