Friday, July 27, 2007

Isn't it ironic...

...that Michael Kay, he of the Fordham journalism degree and multiple broadcasting awards, still somehow finds a way to misuse the word "ironic" so often? Apparently he inferred the meaning of this often misunderstood word from Alanis Morrisette's song in the 90's. Incidentally, this is also when he came up with his home run catch-phrase "See Ya!" as in, "See ya -- wouldn't want to be ya!" which stopped being cool in about 1996. Apparently (true story that he told once on the air) he was on a date and upon leaving that's what the girl said to him. Seriously...

I think one of the features of this blog should be a sidebar where we take note of all the stupid things he says in the course of a game.

Oh and one more thing -- the N and the Y are NOT INTERLOCKING!!!

I've been waiting a long time to get that off my chest in a forum such as this...thanks Michael.


Jewcie G. said...

I'm also very glad you brought this up because Kay is one of many moronic broadcasters that misuse ironic. They also misuse other rudimentary words and have terrible grammar.

Michael in New York said...

It's ironic that Kay doesn't know the proper meaning of ironic.

Please give an example of his goofiness. I rarely watch games on TV and of course the radio is too painful to listen to. The Post occasionally has fun b y watching the game on TV with the sound off and listening to the radio broadcast and detailing the many ways the radio guys completely get wrong the action on the field.

But media dissection is def worthy of attention.

They're not interlocking? What are they, overlapping?