Saturday, July 28, 2007

Section 39 has the most bleacher experience

Do you know what ads I hate the most? The ones that are authoritative and vague at the same time. Pepsi was voted to have the most cola taste. What the hell does that even mean? More cola taste than generic, store-brand cola? Than Royal Crown or Coke? Than a cup of muddy water? It drives me crazy and yet somehow I can't stop thinking about the "fact" that Diet Dr. Pepper tastes more like regular Dr. Pepper.

So, since it seems impossible to not have these ridiculous slogans seared onto your sub-conscience, I thought we should invent some for the Yankees. Did you know that the Yankees are more baseball than any other team? And the new Yankee Stadium will be more like the current and old Yankee Stadium? And, of course, going to a Yankee game has more of the Yankee experience than watching at home. I know that's why I'm a season ticket holder.


Michael in New York said...

Yankee fans love the Yankees more than other fans love their teams. It's a fact.

Jewcie G. said...

Pete you need your own blog're way too vitriolic and hilarious

priv8pete said...

I'm thinking about sending an email to my distribution list that says "On Alfred Pond has moved" and then give the url for this blog. I think I'll post my non-sequitor remarks here from now on since developing enough for a full email is too hard and I always forget to write down rants.