Monday, July 30, 2007

Joba the Hut ready to devour Farnsworth's innings

Looks like top prospect Joba Chamberlain is moving to the bullpen in AAA for the week, presumably with an eye on getting him prepared for where he'll be most needed down the stretch for the Yanks. If only he could replace Farnsworth, Proctor, and Bruney all by himself.

Anyone else looking forward to 7 strong innings out of Phil Hughes on Saturday, following by a scoreless 8th from Joba, and then Mariano sealing the deal?


Michael in New York said...

That's a beautiful scenario you've painted. I'll be there to watch it on Sat. Anyone else?

Jewcie G. said...

Mike, my next two games are august 1st and 5th.

Michael in New York said...

See you there. Let's hope Hughes deserves all our pre-performance adulation.

priv8pete said...

My next game isn't until the end of August! If anyone wants my tickets for Thursday afternoon, let me know.