Monday, July 30, 2007

A-Rod's Dirty Deeds Not Juiced, Just Juicy

Okay, so Jose Canseco saved some dirt for his second book. He may be a schmuck, but much of what he claimed has been substantiated by others via testimony, grand jury leaks, etc. Joe Torre dismissed Canseco's claim to have dirt on A-Rod. No one knows what that dirt might be, but know we know what Johnny Damon THINKS Canseco would be revealing:
"I just hope he thinks about not ruining someone's life, marriage, or whatever he plans on doing," Damon said. "If that's what Jose Canseco wants to be remembered for, so be it.

"To me, Alex is a great teammate who will always respect the game, play the game right and work hard. He loves the game, so hopefully nothing that can ruin a family or something comes out. ... Hopefully (Canseco will) think twice about it."
"Ruining a family" probably rules out steroids -- thank God. I couldn't bear yet another Yankee being a juiced up cheater. So A-Rod's idioic behavior where he paraded a girlfriend in front of photographers when taking her back to his room (instead of going to another hotel or at least using a side entrance) wasn't the first time he behaved like a fool. Maybe his wife's t-shirt wasn't directed at the Yankees after all....

Do I care? No. But since we're dealing with A-Rod's fragile ego, every distraction is a concern.

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joe said...

I inferred the same meaning from Damon's comments as you. Canseco is a leach, and the last thing ARod needs is another distraction.