Thursday, July 26, 2007

What Do We Believe In?

We’re Yankee fans who’ve sat in the bleachers for years. We’ve got season tickets in Section 39 dating back to 2000 -- the first year season tickets were sold there.

We believe the following:

1. The Yankees are the greatest baseball team -- indeed, the greatest sports team -- in history. No one will ever catch up to them.
2. The bleachers are the best seats in the house, even without beer sales.
3. We believe in “small ball.” Home runs don’t impress us. Personal stats don’t impress us. ERAs and batting averages and streaks don’t impress us. Wins impress us. Nothing else. Nothing else matters.
4. A walk is as good as a hit.
5. A triple can be more exciting than a home run.
6. Derek Jeter believes everything we believe.
7. A great team doesn’t need the biggest payroll, but players who come to New York demand their cut of the most lucrative franchise around.
8. The dynasty of the late 90s was built on a classic small ball mix of superstars, veterans, position players and hungry young players.
9. We don’t want or need a superstar at every position. In fact, that is a terrible way to build a team.
10. The Yankees succeeded in the late 90s only because George Steinbrenner was banned from baseball for illegal activities. Without his interference, without his absurd love for buying overpriced, over the hill veterans, Gene Michael and Buck Showalter and the rest of the team were able to create a classic group of guys like Paul O’Neill and Bernie Williams and Andy Pettitte and Mariano Rivera and of course Derek Jeter. If Steinbrenner had been in charge and not forced to stay out of day to day affairs, that Yankees dynasty never would have existed.
11. The Yankees have been ignoring the lessons of the late 90s for years. They’ve been buying aging, overpriced, over the hill veterans like Roger Clemens and Mike Mussina, cheaters like Jason Giambi and Gary Sheffield, blockbuster flops like Carl Pavano and Kei Igawa and superstars like Alex Rodriguez. What they need are business-like, no-fuss heroes like Matsui and hungry talent like Phil Hughes and Robinson Cano and position players like Andy Phillips to mix with superstars like Jeter and Posada.
12. As George Steinbrenner continues to loosen his hold on power, the Yankees will have their first opportunity this century to build another dynasty, another winning team that can compete for years rather than simply lumber into the postseason a la the Atlanta Braves.
13. Joe Torre is a very good manager.
14. We can criticize the Yankees. But if you’re not a fan, don’t say a word against them.
15. We cheer for our players; we don’t boo them.
16. With our payroll and our legacy, we expect to get to the post-season every time. But expecting to win the World Series every year would be idiotic. Whether we win or lose in the first round, the second round or the Series, all we expect is top-notch, well-played competitive games. No one can ask for more than a great matchup and memorable games, regardless of the victor. Of course, you can have all of that AND win the World Series, too, can’t you?
17. Derek Jeter is a god.
18. Fans should sit in their assigned seats, rather than trying to snag a better view and annoying the heck out of us.
19. There’s no call for constant, vulgar abusive language when kids are around...but the occasional heartfelt curse is the right of every fan.
20. If we were running the Yankees, you’d have nothing to complain about.


tennisump said...

fuck you

Michael in New York said...

Language, please!

Michael in New York said...

Gee, tennisump (aka my bro David), I thought you would have some responses to my comments.

tennisump said...


Michael in New York said...

Looks like you're commenting properly now.

Jewcie G. said...

The only problem with these "beliefs" is that I thought they were going to be universal tenets that we could pass down to our ill-begotten children. However because they're specific to the current yankees (some not all), they will, soon enough, be dated. So I guess that's more of critique on your choice of type of belief than the beliefs themselves.

Michael in New York said...

Well, we can always create a list of timeless, universal beliefs that will endure regardless of who is wearing the pinstripes. Something to mull over in the off season? Since I just slapped these together, obviously they're up for debate -- especially any you take exception to that need tweaking or removing.