Monday, January 7, 2008

Clemens on "60 Minutes" -- Reaction

Personally, I thought it was a disaster for him. Not that Mike Wallace sked him any tough questions or tore apart the Rocket's ridiculous answers. But Clemens looked defensive and nervous. Turn the sound off and he was licking his lips, shifting his eyes, darting them here and there -- basically looking every inch the liar. He never took steroids because if he did he would have a third ear? He would like to talk to Congress about Vioxx? He's not sure if it's worth the bother to sue? A lie detector test -- uh, maybe, sure, I don't know, why, what was the question again? When Clemens won't even bother to say he wants to sue a guy who is lying to the world about him, he loses all credibility to me. Clemens wasn't guilty until proven innnocent. He was innocent for decades despite rumours and whispers until hard evidence and a witness who has proven reliable stepped forward. Then Clemens responded with an ever-changing story. I never injected. I mean, I never injected steroids or hgh but sure I injected lidocaine in my butt, even though doctors insist you wouldn't treat joint pain with a lidocaine injection in your bum. What's he gonna do in front of Congress? It's one thing to bluster your way through a patsy interview by a friend. It's quite another to lie under oath.

NOTE: Clemens suing McNamee. The first good advice by his lawyers. Except that if Mcnamee is telling the truth, it'll backfire.


dasnootz said...

Enough said.

I now believe that Clemens is "clean".

Brucie G said...

1.2 ERA at age 42.

Michael in New York said...

Brucie, Goose Gossage agrees with you. See next post.

dasnootz said...

How can you think that Clemens is dirty after watching the link to the video that I posted?

joe said...

I would like an 18 month investigation into whether or not he was lip synching.