Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mets Get Santana!

I'm thrilled, assuming the Mets didn't trade away the farm in this deal the way it looked like we were gonna do. It keeps Santana away from Boston, we only have to face him maybe twice during the regular season and it makes the Mets stronger. Personally, I prefer that NYC have two great baseball teams. If you warn me about the dangers of facing Santana in the World Series, baby, I'd love to have that problem.


priv8pete said...

We face him as often as if he were still on the Twins and, as you pointed out, facing him in the postseason means we're in the World Series, not dealing with him in the first round! And best of all he's not on Boston.

joe said...

The Twins must be kicking themselves for not taking the Hughes/Melky offer when they had the chance. The package from the Mets is nowhere near as good. I agree that this worked out as well as possible for the Yanks.

Michael in New York said...

Yep, the Twins really blew it. They HAD to trade Santana because he would walk next year and they'd get nothing. They just didn't realize their window of opportunity was so small. But it's not second-guessing -- the offer the Yankees made was HUGE with loads of promising young talent any team would kill to have. Thank God the offer was turned down.