Friday, January 11, 2008

Knoblauch Sorta Doesn't Deny Cheating

Gosh, my heart went out to Chuck Knoublach. It was a nightmare watching that fine player Just couldn't throw to first. I don't boo my own team (not even cheats like Giambi and Sheffield and, gulp, now Pettitte). But I DID boo Knoblauch once. I was in the upper deck in the post-season and the ball was sitting at his feet and Knoblauch was arguing with the umpire about a call instead of picking up the ball and throwing to first (or second?) to get the runner out. Just an inexplicable mind freeze and I wasn't so much booing him as yelling along with 50,000 other people who were screaming "The ball! The ball! For the love of God, pick up the ball!!"

In a truly odd press interview, Knoblauch doesn't say much of anything. He seems so flaky that we shouldn't read too much into it. But the increasingly desperate, unconvincing tactics of Clemens certainly would have been helped if Knoblauch had denied dealings with McNamee. He didn't say he did either, but still. Good to hear from him; too bad it had to be this.

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