Thursday, January 31, 2008

DHL FanFest

Tickets for the FanFest go on sale on Monday, February 4th at 10AM. I won't be rushing to Ticketmaster to purchase any, but on the Yankees website a list of FanFest ticket prices was shown and I will assume that these will be the prices that will be charged for the mandatory FanFest purchases if we receive the opportunity to buy an All-Star ticket license.

2008 DHL All-Star FanFest Ticket Prices
Children (2 - 12)
Seniors (65 and over)
College & Military
Children (under 2)

2008 DHL All-Star FanFest Family Packs
Four Pack - (2) Adult, (2) Youth
Five Pack - (2) Adult, (3) Youth
Six Pack - (2) Adult, (4) Youth
Seven Pack - (2) Adult, (5) Youth


Michael in New York said...

And how many FanFest tickets are we obliged to buy? If any?

priv8pete said...

The wording is that we need to buy 2 for every seat license we buy. So, it sounds to me like we'd have to buy 4 FanFest tickets to go with the two licenses we'd buy if we win the lottery.