Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Thoughts On The Hearings?

I wasn't able to watch thoroughly. But from the little I've seen and ready, Selig and Fehr were not lambasted nearly enough. They are the ones who fought off testing or ignored the looming scandal because the money was flowing in. the numerous examples of them looking the other way should have been cause for moral indignation. I don't want to let individual players off the hook, but this is a systemic problem. Your thoughts?


dasnootz said...

I though they got lambasted enough last time around... what else can they say now? They've both admitted they think they could have done things differently.

I saw Bud trying to save face by basically agreeing that no form of testing would be out of question, leaving Fehr to play the "villain". I couldn't believe that Fehr had the balls to start talking about the medicinal benefits of using HGH and it's common use among mere mortals.

How much does it suck to be from Texas now... Roger and Andy get pegged (I believe they live in Cady) and newly signed Tejada is in for a shit storm.

Canseco - Texas Ranger
"Palmieree" (I think they thought he was french - Texas Ranger
Clemans - Longhorn, Astro, Asshole
Andy - Astro
Juan Gonzalez - Ranger
Knoblach - now living in Texas
Caminiti - Astro
Manny Alexander - Ranger
Chad Allen - Ranger
Kevin Brown - Ranger
George Bush - Ranger...

That's only getting to the B's and some former all-stars.

Here's a great link to those fingered in the Mitchell Report. It summarizes the players, details of "alleged" use, and breaks their careers down to pre and post "alleged" use.


dasnootz said...


dasnootz said...

add this to the above link


Michael in New York said...

Oh, I like that link. But of course the Texans don't care - all the coaches just applauded Clemens and promised not to ask him any rude questions about being a big cheat. Who cares as long as you "win?"

As for the hearings, they're a joke. Everyone is waiting to scalp Clemens when Selig and fehr were in charge while this entire fiasco/fraud blossomed.