Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ticket License Amenities

An offer from the Yanks to buy a Flex Plan contained a number of interesting nuggets which may lend to how All-Star ticket licenses are awarded. My offer for Flex Plan priority contained this information:

Ticket License Account Name: Peter McClain
Ticket License Number: 20-*****
Ticket License Seniority Group: Group C

Within the Yankees website I learned that priority for Flex Plans went initally to Flex Plan Licensee holders (Group A) with a Seniority Date prior to July 31, 2005, then to the remaining Flex Plan Licensee holders (Group B), and finally to all existing Ticket Licensees (Group C) today. This allowed the Yankees to "be in a position to provide those Flex Plan Ticket Licensees with an older Seniority Date an opportunity, subject to availability, to purchase a Ticket License Plan prior to those Flex Plan Ticket Licensees with a more recent Seniority Date."

It would seem logical to me that such a system may be implemented for the All-Star Game where different thresholds are given the opportunity to by a license during a dedicated time before groups with less seniority have the same opportunity.

Also of note is that the DHL FanFest will be held at the Javits Center and that the maximum quantity of tickets, per Licensee acccount, that can be purchased during the All-Star Pre-On Sale is:

Ten (10) Tickets to the Taco Bell All-Star Sunday;
Two (2) Tickets to the Gatorade Workout Day (featuring the State Farm Home Run Derby); and
Two (2) Tickets to the 79th MLB All-Star Game


Michael in New York said...

Huh. What do you think that means, in English? Also, my understanding is that we'd have to buy ALL 14 tickets if we wanted any of them, right? So that means 28 tickets for the two seats at massively inflated prices. Can I even AFFORD to buy them, even if I offer most to others at face value? Doesn't seem likely.

priv8pete said...

Since you and I are Plan A licensees I think we would have the chance to buy a strip of tickets for the event which would included 2 tickets to Sunday, Monday and Tuesday along with 4 FanFare tickets.

The amounts I listed at the end of the post were the maximum that a Plan C or below licensee would be allowed to buy. The Sunday event is the Futures Game. I'm not sure how many FanFare tickets would have to be purchased for licensee holders below Plan A & B. At least that's my take on everything I've read.