Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Actually, The Yankees Are ONE Game Back

The official tally says that as of Wednesday afternoon the Yankees are 2 1/2 games back of Boston. But of cours we only study the loss column at this stage, so most people would say the Yankees are just 2 games back. But in fact, the Yankees are only ONE game behind Boston. Quick, who can tell me why? (Hat tip to my brother David for this insight. he also gets props for being the first person to call dibs on my second seat for the final home game at Yankee 2008.)


joe said...

Who would have thought after the first few series with Boston that the Yanks would end up winning the season series and the possibly important tie-breaker?

Colin said...

I understand that if the Yankees were to end in a tie with the Red Sox, then they would win the tie breaker, and it would be like winning an extra game... However that is only if they are even. If they are officially a game back at the end of the season, then wouldn't they still be a game back because the tie breaker wouldn't be in affect?? Am I missing something here?