Friday, September 28, 2007

Bleacher Creatures Want To Know: Why Didn't Joba Close?

Great game yesterday, especially considering it was staffed more like a spring training game with major players getting much needed rest. Hughes gave us a peek of what we might see next year when he's rested and injury free -- seven terrific innings and only one run. That's much better than the 5 innings and three to four runs we've expected from him lately. And I love Torre, but "experience" doesn't matter when your body is breaking down. How can you start an ailing Clemens who isn't even physically capable of taking the mound and sit Hughes? Both Clemens and Mussina are crapshoots at this very late stage in their careers -- Hughes looks great and if it weren't for his back spasms, we'd be talking about Kennedy as well. Boy I can't wait to get to next season and see them all year long. Finally, Joba and Veras closed it out flawlessly. But why didn't Joba close? Doesn't Torre know he's the Mo of the future?

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