Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Is It Possible?

Two and a half games back and four and a half ahead in the wild card. Nothing matters till we actually make it, but how sweet to watch Boston collapse. Even if they hold on, Boston will feel like they succeeded just by winning the division. My brother prefers the "stomp them into the ground and let them be demoralized about one of the biggest collapses in the regular season in baseball history" and that certainly has its appeal as well.

But talk to me -- what is the best scenario where we get to the post season but don't have to play the Angels in the first round?


Joe said...

If we win the division and the Angels have a better record than the Indians, then the matchups are:

NY vs. Cle
LA vs. Bos

If Boston wins the division and we get the wild card, we want Cleveland to finish with a better record than the Angels to get the same matchups as above.

priv8pete said...

Joe's got it spot on. And it's not like we know which way to lean since Cleveland and Anaheim have the exact same record. It's even conceivable that we can finish with the best record in the league if everything broke right. How crazy does that seem?

Michael in New York said...

Should we fear the Angels in the first round anyway? Or are we just being smart? The first round should be best of seven or Pete's penalty for wild card teams should come into play -- even if it's us.