Thursday, September 6, 2007

Time to Make a Playoff Push

Tuesday was the day. The fat envelope from Yankee Stadium, Bronx NY 10451 arrived in the mail. It's always a happy and painful experience as the promise of Playoff tickets makes me giddy like an 11 year old, but shelling out $1200 makes me weep. It isn't so bad those years when the Yanks make the Series since you get good use out of those shiny, oversized tickets. But as we've experienced the last few years when the Yanks got dumped in the first round, letting George sit on over $1100 out of my bank account for the winter is just as painful as watching the Yanks lose. An equally bitter pill to swollow this year is the uncertainty of making the Playoffs and even if the Playoffs are attained it will most likely be as the Wild Card, but we still must pay for ALDS Game 5 and ALCS Game 7 tickets. The one bright spot in all this is that there appears to be no outrageous "handling charge" this year which means that we won't lose $66 per seat right off the top. I plan to wait until Wednesday's deadline before entering my credit card info, but I'd feel even better about it if the Yanks could sweep the Royals this weekend while the Tigers and M's struggle.

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Michael in New York said...

The fear of not making the playoffs combined with the annoyance of hidden fees and Steinbrenner making dough on interest rates by sitting on your money. You could of course demand they refund any money left over but by the time they cut a check about six weeks after the season was over (say,December), you'd just have to turn around and hand the money back to them in January to cover NEXT sason. And I'll be gobsmacked if they don't hike the cost of the seats next season. They'll do it in 2008 s they can maintain the prices in 2009 and tell us, 'See, we gave you a shiny new Stadium and didn't even raise ticket prices.' We're not fooled.