Thursday, September 13, 2007

I Heart Ian Kennedy

Tough loss, but boy did he pitch nicely. He and Hughes and Joba and Ross Ohlendorf -- waching them all inspires me with confidence. They all seem so poised (w the excitable exception of Joba) and mellow and confident. To heck with experience Torre, the bleacher creatures in Section 39 say sit Clemens and Mussina and use the kids -- keep the old men for long relief. Clemens is never coming back and if we're lucky, Mussina will be annoyed enough to leave.

By the way, I questioned using Joba for two innings on Wednesday. I know it was just 4-0, but the game seemed well in hand. Use Joba for one innning and then he's available for Friday and potentially Sunday in Boston. Using him for two games means he's only available for Saturday. I know, win the game that you've got rather than worrying about the future, but it didn't seem necessary to bring him back out. They shouldn't have for that game and they shouldn't have to give themselves flexibility in Boston.

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