Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sports Reporters Are Putzes

Sports reporters are wimps -- always afraid to ask tough questions because it might piss off the people they have to face everyday. Then when that person is gone, they start dishing the dirt they were to afraid to report in the first place. Buck Showalter was (rightly) praised when he was at the Yankees, but after he left suddenly we were told this guy who barely got a bad notice during his reign (and why should he see the Yankees were turned into champion-quality team thanks to him and Gene Michaels) suddenly we're told the players HATED him and hated working with him and thought he interfered too much. Shane Spencer was a feel-good story but now we're told he partied his way out of New York. And now they timidly mention that the highest paid player on the team REFUSES to answer the phone cals and emails of St. Joe Torre, but they're too afraid to give this story the banner headlines and attention it demands. I'm sure we'll find out after Roger Clemens retires about what a pain in the neck he was. No guts from the reporters. Heck, they could cover the White House and fit right in.


joe said...

Everybody is a putz!

dasnootz said...

Roger Clemons will turn out to be the Ty Cobb of our era.

Michael in New York said...

Good comparison, dasnootz. Talented but no one who inspires any love or respect.