Monday, September 24, 2007

Section 39 2007 Regular Season Stats

Ok, add 'em up. How many games did you attend? Win-loss record? Highlights?

Me, I went to 44 home games at Yankee Stadium.

I went 29-15, a tremendous .659 winning percentage.

(I also went to two Mets games -- both wins (thanks Andy McClain) -- and a fun day at the Staten Island Yankees, who lost, but there were fireworks so it was okay.

I went on an eight game winning streak and never lost more than three in a row (and that only happened once).

My highlight was probably being doused with water for winning the subway race one too many times, getting the idea for the baby shower for our friend Kim in concessions, and setting a career high in number of games attended.

How about you?


priv8pete said...

8 games for this Kansas season ticket holder with a record of 5-3. A .625 winning percentage is not that good considering that the Yanks won 64.2% of their home games.

My highlight would probably be bringing my Joba to his second game in June and being delighted that there was a W.B. Mason toy truck give-away. Tagging my seats with Alfred stickers and seeing Phil Hughes' first start are a distant second and third.

Michael in New York said...

That's right, keep your family first and foremost..instead of focusing on the POST SEASON the way a REAL fan would. Don't be proud you came from so far away to come to a game. Be ashamed you moved so far from the Bronx. And I'm proud of my .625 percentage because it's easy to be there for wins; I wanted to also be there for the games where they needed a shoulder to cry on. Bringing in Joba under a month to the games was definitely hardcore, however, and a highlight for me too.

Brucie G said...

no idea for me....probably 15-20
i'd guess my record is something like 12-5 or 11-6