Thursday, August 2, 2007

Bunt, A-Rod, Bunt!

It started as a joke, but now I'm serious. The White Sox third baseman stands at the edge of the outfield when A-Rod comes to bat. A-Rod is clearly flailing away and has barely reached base in his last 20+ at bats. A bunt would be very fun, he'd get on base, people would laugh and enjoy the moment and it's the right baseball thing to do. A bunt is the perfect antidote for an uptight player in this situation. He could josh with the media, saying, 'Hey, a home run will come. My job is to get on base and help us win games.' Heck, last night he came up to bat with a runner on first. The way the White Sox were positioned, he should have moved the guy over and probably would have reached safely on even a weak bunt. So what if we were leading 7-1? As A-Rod said after the game about his 0-21 slump:
"You can't really sweat it too much," he said. "You've got to get back to playing little baseball and not try to think about 500."
You know aother word for little baseball? Bunt! If you haven't been able to get even a single for a while, bunting is a great idea. For the love of God, A-Rod, bunt and give yourself a rest.

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