Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Match Game FOL

Kudos to Cashman for stockpiling pitching prospects in the farm system. I think we're all extremely excited to see how each prospect turns out at the big league level. That leads me right into Match Game FOL:

Match the current group of pitching prospects to their 1993-94 counterpart:

Yankees of Tomorrow:
Joba Chamberlain
Tyler Clippard
Matt DeSalvo
Sean Henn
Phil Hughes
Jeff Karstens
Ian Kennedy
Ross Ohlendorf
Darrell Rasner
Humberto Sanchez
Chase Wright

Yankees of Tomorrow (circa 93-94):
Matt Dunbar
Dave Eiland
Sterling Hitchcock
Mark Hutton
Domingo Jean
Scott Kamieniecki
Sam Militello
Bobby Munoz
Andy Pettitte
Mariano Rivera
Brien Taylor


joe said...

Fun!! Let's hope we get more than two contributors (Pettite & Mo) out of this group. I've ranked mine in order of potential for the current crop of prospects:

Hughes = Pettitte
Chamberlain = Jean
Sanchez = Rivera
Kennedy = Munoz
Clippard = Kamieniecki
Henn = Hitchcock
Karstens = Eiland
Ohlendorf = Eiland
Rasner = Dunbar
Wright = Hutton
DeSalvo = Militello

How about positional players?

priv8pete said...

Come on Joe, someone's gotta blow out there gift of an arm by protecting their brother in a bar and not following Crash Davis' advice about throwing a punch! Who's gonna be our Brien Taylor?

DasNootz said...

Chamberlain equates to Bartolo Colon for me... and hopefully not Sidney Ponson.

Unfortunately there's too much mediocrity in the (93-94) bunch for me equate the current prospects.

joe said...

Oops. I knew I forgot someone. I guess Sanchez is the most likely candidate.

I still remember that happy day when I received a Brien Taylor Topps GOLD Rookie Card...then valued at $80. My how times have changed.

Michael in New York said...

Man, I can barely keep up with the current team, much less have an opinion about guys I haven't seen pitching yet. Two major players like Pettitte and Mo would be HUGE. If we get three, consider it a gift from the gods. Pitching is so hard to find that two close to P&M's level would really be a terrific result.