Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Yankee Great Phil Rizzuto Dead At 89

He's gone to the great Money Store in the sky. (Nanette was the first to tell me. The NYTimes and the NY Daily News didn't have it on their website as of this posting, but my old paper the NY Post had a two-line obit and a banner notice on the front page.) What are your favorite memories of Scooter? Personally, I saw those ads for the Money Store growing up and hadn't a clue he was a Yankee -- I couldn't figure out why anyone would take a loan from something as shady as "the Money Store" or why they would trust this guy. Later of course, I grew to love his rambling commentary during games and shout outs for the birthdays of elderly fans. Gotta wear black to the Stadium tonight.


justvisiting said...

How many graphs into the obit before they get to "Paradise By The Dashboard Light?"

priv8pete said...

I always loved it when he threw out a first pitch, but my fondest memories of Scooter are from his broadcasting on WPIX. He'd go into these long stories about going out to dinner and then say "Holy Cow! How'd we get two outs?" That would always lead to him filling in his scorecard with a few "WWs" for "wasn't watching." I wish the Yanks hadn't screwed him over when Mantle died or maybe we could have heard him announcing a few more games.

Let's win it for Scooter in 2007!

Michael in New York said...

Excellent question, justvisiting! The NYTimes took 26 paragraphs to get to Rizutto's connection to Meatloaf but even that is pushing it -- it came in a paragraph that also included Billy Crystal's imitation of Scooter, none of which was in the lengthy obit when I read it this morning. Clearly, they realized their error and inserted it.