Friday, August 10, 2007

Scott Boras Is Right

It doesn't happen often, so I might as well speak up when he is. I definitely agree Boras is the devil and doesn't really have the best interests of his clients at heart. All he sees is a paycheck, not what team can get to the post-season, what manager will be a good fit with my player, what town would he want to live in -- nope, it's all about the biggest possible paycheck and who cares if it means going to Texas and crippling the team so your guy (a-Rod) is miserable and out of the spotlight and losing out on endorsement deals because no one sees him playing every day in a major market. I also definitely have less respect for any player who chooses Boras as an agent.

Anyway, Boras said A-Rod's home run totals have been consistent since the day he arrived in the majors so A-Rod should not have the cloud of steroids hanging over him. I agree. His totals blipped up in Texas -- which is designed for righties -- and blipped down again at Yankee Stadium. But he does not have any season or era in which his nunbers just exploded the way say Barry Bonds did in his late 30s no less! My friend Jason tried to tell me I should have to consider whether Jeter also juiced since Jeter is so massive today compared to the scrawny kid he was in the beginning. Well, 18 years old isn't 32. And most every ballplayer is a huge workout nut. But there seems to be a big difference between big and Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade big like Giambi and Bonds. Jason gets to see the players up close in the locker room, which gives him a better perspective.

But let me be clear. ANY player who cheated and used steroids would automatically be off my list of favorite players and that includes Jeter. And Andy Petitte who worked out with Clemens and mimicked his workout routine just like Sheffield did with Bonds. Petitte is my greatest fear at this point since I believe Clemens might very well have juiced too. And that would break my heart. But no excuses for anyone, even my favorites.


DasNootz said...

I propose a new DH role for the American League. Maybe it could be called the DJ, with one designated juicer per team, and make it mandatory that he play DH. Would it make the game any less interesting if you were looking at the lineup between innings and said... "Sweet, our juicer is up next inning."? It'd be like the money ball in the 3-point shooting contest.

Let this person become a total freak of nature, with 40" thighs and a torn uniform ala the Incredible Hulk. I'm no doctor, but is it really any worse than chewing tobacco or smoking?

While we're at it we can add an American Gladiator aspect to the game by putting a paper wall barrier before home plate, with two options for runners to run through. The first will provide unblocked access to the plate, the second a fate of certain doom. Maybe we can give outfielders an air cannon to shoot the ball back to home plate.

My last suggestion is to bring back the "stinger" as an acceptable form of getting an out.

priv8pete said...

Love the suggestions Britt. If I could make a change to the DH, it would be to add the caveat that the DH could replace any player except the pitcher. Then you retain all the strategy of double switches and pinch hitting, but get to see aging sluggers for a few mores year AND add another great fielder to every team. With better defenses and pitchers batting, games would be back to 2 hours in length.

Michael in New York said...

We already have that dasnootz -- it's called Jason Giambi. Did you see that homer he crushed? Grrr, Hulk angry at coming off bench!