Tuesday, August 7, 2007

A-Rod Doesn't Care What Yankee Fans Do

Okay, I was nice as can be for A-Rod's moment of personal glory. But the gloves are off again. We all remember that during the opt-out talk, A-Rod said it was all up to the fans and how they treated him. If they booed him and made him feel unloved, he'd take the hint and opt out. But now that the fans have embraced A-Rod's stellar season (even by his standards), he's whistling a different tune. Asked if the standing ovations and much-love showered down on him meant it would be more likely he wouldn't opt out, A-Rod suddenly announced those were two different things.

"What's happened here is great. You're not human if you don't say it feels good to get appreciated. I think all of us who play this game want to be appreciated. But at the end of the year, it's two different things."

So if the fans boo, it matters and if they cheer it doesn't matter? One more thing, A-Rod was simply asked if he would simply be MORE LIKELY to not opt-out. That's all. How hard is it to say, yeah, the fans have been great and it's a lot more fun when they cheer instead of boo. A season of adulation won't influence him IN THE LEAST? Boo to that.

POSTSCRIPT: The Yankees were complete dicks to the fan who caught A-Rod's 500th home run. They immediately whisked him away and pressured him to give up the ball for some signed jerseys. They tried to get the guy to start negotiating with their lawyer! How obnoxious. If the guy wasn't that bright, he might have been bullied into giving away $100,000 for an autographed bat. That's just vile when they know the ball is worth $50,000 to $100,000) or more to try and place some lucky schmuck into a situation where they can coerce him into doing something so contrary to his best interests. No class. I'd feel bad that I couldn't just give the ball to A-Rod but what can you do? I'd apologize and say, let's have a sports memorabilia expert from Christie's or Sotheby's give an estimate and if you want to pay in that range, I'd let you have it. That's as fair as you can be in this situation.

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