Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Giambi, Damon Thrilled To Be On The Bench?

Okay, I don't mind when the YES network gives the party line. (I don't watch it enough to care, frankly.) But I can't understand why any reporters would fall for it. On Aug 21, the NY Daily News ran an article about Giambi and Damon time-sharing the DH role. It made it sound as if nothing could make them happier. (I couldn't find it online to link to, unfortunately.) Both of them have "taken the situation in stride," Damon offers up that "we're all being professional players," (that's nice, since he's making $14 mil or so), and Giambi says, "Johnny and I have always been team guys. It helps Joe out because he knows he can come and talk to us about it." Okay, who on a baseball team ISN'T a team guy and they should leave immediately. Torre can come and talk to them about why two aging veterans plagued by injuries and out for days or weeks at a time this season aren't jumping right back into an everyday role? How nice of them. But what really got me is that just two weeks ago, Damon was bitching about Torre not even calling and telling him personally when he wasn't in the lineup (which Torre doesn't even do for Jeter) and saying maybe he should be traded. Fine, he's over it and said it was no big deal the next day. But don't pretend two weeks later everything is hunky-dory. The silliest comment came from Torre: "They know if they're not playing, there's somebody out there who is worthy of playing." Yeah, some young healthy kid playing better than them really puts their minds at ease. Please.

By the way, the article pointed out how great it's working out and how important Giambi is, by noting the team is 8-5 since he came back on Tuesday, August 7. (Now the team is 8-6 of course.) What does that prove? The team was 9-4 in the last 13 games before he came back. They're 8-6 now and they were 10-4 when he was out. Sure those were easier teams, but I'm not the one claiming the team did better with Giambi back. That simply isn't true. I'm not placing the blame squarely on his shoulders, but it was a dumb claim given their record the last 13 or 14 games and personally I think we're a better team without him. I don't care what guys saying, having veterans grumbling while they ride the bench is never good for a team.

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