Sunday, August 5, 2007

Three Cheers For A-Rod!

I spent a long time giving A-Rod slack. But something snapped after three years of watching him play and I just think he and I would be happier if A-Rod played elsewhere. (I think the team would be stronger as a team, too.) But I don't want to be churlish about it. The guy is having a massive season and deserves full credit for building up incredible personal stats that will obviously take him to the Hall of Fame. So huzaah for A-Rod.

He did it on a muggy, humid, HOT day at Yankee Stadium, with the Yankees setting up free water coolers where they handed out little cups of iced water to endless lines of Yankee fans. The concession stands were virtually empty because it was too darn hot to eat anything. The roar when A-Rod hit the ball into the left field stands was as loud as I've heard the Stadium all season. I actually spent an entire half inning underground to get out of the sun for a while (missing my boy Andy Phillips being brought into the game) just to get a break. Poor Andy. As Betimet hit and hit and hit, I couldn't help imagining he was thinking, "Boy, I better get used to sitting on the bench again."

Finally, in looking at the coverage, the NY Post said, "Now that he's off the schneid...." Huh? I got the idea, but where the heck did that phrase come from? The Word Detective says "off the schneid" is short for "schneider." Being on the schneider means being on a scoreless losing streak. It began in gin, when you can keep your opponent from scoring any points. And it ORIGINALLY came from German (or Yiddish) where it means tailor, as in someone who cuts out material. So there.

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