Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Dear Diary

(From the secret diary of A-Rod)

Dear Diary,

Omigosh! Why does this always happen to me? I hate when people make a big deal out of these personal milestones. But no matter how often I talk about the team and all that matters is winning games, all anyone wants to talk about is the 500th homer. The crowd was really, really wonderful last night. When I took my first at-bat, there were so many flashbulbs I could barely see! I'll bet DJ never saw that many flashbulbs before. And it was a Tuesday night! Do you think so many people came because they wanted to see me make history? I really think the fans have embraced me this season. Golly, all I had to do was average 1 rbi per game to make them happy :) At least those pop-ups aren't so dangerous right now. But what a night. I swear I thought every single player was going to get a home run EXCEPT me. How embarrassing would that have been? The guys were really nice about it -- especially my boys Cano and Melky -- and I had to laugh at the end. That Shelley kid seems to get a home run every at bat and I'm going 0 for 16. Are they going to keep giving him curtain calls? I looked at Jeter during Shelley's quick hat tip and he seemed pleased for the kid, but I was in the batter's box so I didn't have a really good view. I don't know what Joe was doing having me sit for the rest of the game. Didn't he know all those people came to see me hit one out? I was really sad I let them down. I gave away my bat to some kid in the stands. I never want to use that piece of wood again. Then when I was leaving I think I saw that kid getting the bat DJ! Wow, no matter how hard you try they figure out a way to make you look stupid.

Bye for now,



joe said...

I'll get off my ARod soapbox for a minute and admit that this was really funny.

And probably not far from his actual entry...

Michael in New York said...


Jewcie G. said...

hahhahaah..great use of "golly"