Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Some Questions

1. Do we need to rethink dumping Farnsworth? Is he making his case to stay?

2. Is Ian Kennedy available for a start or two? He's pitched 140+ innings in the minors this season, I believe. Is that a huge workload at his stage of development or is he good to go?

3. Ain't it beautiful when Pettite and Mo turn back the clock and he goes seven innnings and Mo closes it out in the ninth?

4. I know decent closers are easier to find than top-notch starters. But what's more valuable, Joba as a 1 or 2 starter or Joba two or three years from now as a closer with Mo-like invincibility?


priv8pete said...

I think Farnsworth has benefited from the Joba Rules since they effectively act as one great relief pitcher. Not an ideal use of resources, but it's getting the job done.

Kennedy will be shut down if he's not pitching well or if we fall out of the Wild Card race. Otherwise I think the front office will just cross their fingers and hope for the best.

And I think Joba as a reliever could depend on how Kennedy does down the stretch. If it looks like Kennedy and Hughes are ready for the bigs to go along with Wang and Pettitte next year, Joba may very well remain in the pen and take over for Mo.

Michael in New York said...

Take over for Mo....eventually. Mo ain't quite done yet. Farnsworth didn't help himself last night.