Monday, December 3, 2007

Andy's Back!

The first good news in ages. I always respect players who know when to walk away and don't drag out their twilight days. But when you're still pitching great, why retire? You've got the rest of your life to be retired but only another few years when you can pitch in the majors. And what a stand-up guy -- Andy could have waited till January or longer but made his choice now because he knew how in flux the rotation was and all the variables the Yankees were working with. Welcome back, Andy!


dasnootz said...

I'm thankful for his timing, because the Yankee organization should realize that this weakens the Twins bargaining power.
Now maybe we can take Hughes or Cabrera out of the deal.

I'm perfectly content going into the season our current rotation and payroll.

joe said...

I'm really happy about this...I'm glad the young guys will have a full year to learn from Andy before he sails off into the sunset (hopefully as a World Champion).